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Leona Vega Character Art

Art I recently completed for The Story Told podcast. This time for Scion 2nd Edition.

Here is the character description:
"Leona Vega is a daughter of the Morrigan created from a strand of fate woven to look like a woman; her past is a lie and her future uncertain. She is a complete mystery even to herself and her looks reflect this. Leona stands at 5’ 6” and weighs 130. A presumed life on the streets has given her a waifish air, and those who get to know her sane and crazy alike say that she is simply fey. Her contacts on the streets trust her though, and protect her from the harsher realities of their lives when they can. Her hair is full, dark, and curly (but seldom washed). Her eyes a deep forest green with dark circles from sleepless nights spent on the city street but betray a deep sensitivity to the world around her. Leona keeps her clothes as clean as she can and wears many layers, changing the weight of fabric depending on the season. When she can find it she prefers loud prin